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Internationalization Howto
About i18n
Prerequisities Linux
Prerequisities Windows
Create/update i18n
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About i18n

18 stands for intermediate letters of word internationalization.
An advanced user should be capable to perform this task.
No computer programming knowledge is required. This howto
assumes that program is already installed on the system.

Prerequisities Linux

In linux, most necesary packages were added during installation.
In addition localization application such as poedit is required.

Extract source distribution tar.gz and run:
cd miraimath-0.5

Prerequisities Windows

To build resource boundle in windows following is necesary.

Poedit http://www.poedit.net/
Download and install latest windows distribution.
At time of writing it was poedit-1.4.2-setup.exe.

Apache Ant http://ant.apache.org/
Select 'Download > Binary Distributions'. Choose binary zip.
At time of writing latest version was apache-ant-1.7.1-bin.zip.
Unzip archive to 'C:\Program Files'.

GetText http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/
'Select Packages > GetText' download and install
'Complete package, except sources' 'Setup'
At time of writing latest version was gettext-0.14.4.exe.

Add both applications to PATH
'Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables'
In User variables Select PATH and press Edit button.
Add path elements to your gettext and ant binaries (eg):
Actual paths might vary depending on your installation.

Start new Command Prompt and type:
msgfmt --help
Help Screen appears.
ant --help
Help Screen appears.

Unzip source distribution to a work folder.

Create/update i18n

Now you can edit i18n files. Locale files are located at:

To create new localization copy one of Message files such as
Messages_en.po to new file. Use two letter language code
of desired language. List of codes can be found here:

Now open localization file in poedit and make translation.

To build locale run (use your language code instead of en):
cd miraimath-0.5
ant -Dlang=en

Once built, backup original miraimath jar and copy new jar
file to mirai installation location. Program loads locale
according your system settings.

Submit new/updated i18n

First please zip Messages_??.po file. This is important to
prevent damage of country specific characters encoded in
utf-8 file. Then submit as a patch to mirai bugzilla.

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