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Release Notes
What is new in version 0.5?
Known issues of version 0.5
Limitations of version 0.5
Added in p3 release
Added in p2 release
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What is new in version 0.5?

Added Linux tar.gz package & installer; make, make install.
Menu support for internationalization, currently supported:
  Czech, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.
Added connector/executor for GNU Octave 3.0.x engine.
Added support for Octave 2D plot / 3D mesh functions.
Added support for Octave quad() numerical integration.
Added coolbar with icons and icons into menu.
Added new function browser, with function detail.
Added workbook saving and workbook loading.
Proper clipboard copy / paste implemented.
Added ability to insert and delete formulas.

Known issues of version 0.5 (b12)

Slow boot of octave on windows (30+ sec) causes
  that results are not shown until octave is ready.
On some linux distributions SWT Browser does not work
  (as result help and function descriptions are unavailable).
Refresh problems sometimes occur on java1.5.

Limitations of version 0.5

No ability to make selection and copy parts of formula,
  neither by the mouse pointer nor by the keyboard.
No support for long formulas spanning multiple lines.
No proper rendering of matrices (due limitations of jmathtex).
Cannot define functions with multiple parameters.
No undo / redo.

Added in p3 release

Editing improvements [Up], [Down] cursor keys.
Added definitions for more jmathlib math functions,
  basic statistics (mean, standard deviation, variance),
  hyperbolic functions (sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, ...).
Preliminary support for arrays, vectors and matrices.
Basic comparison and boolean operators functionality.
Added many math symbols to improve use as a TeX editor.
Alternative small icon tool-bars for low resolution devices.
Swing toolbars updated, in order to match SWT tool-bars.
Ability to paste TeX to other programs.
Ability to save workbook as html with images.
Ability to save formula as png image.

Added in p2 release

Toolbar implemented in SWT to avoid swt_awt bridge.
Resolved editing limitations for growing formula.
Improved input of fractions - e.g.: content of braces ()
  before the cursor is added as numerator.
Keyboard function input, e.g. type sin( to insert sine.
Keyboard symbol input, e.g. type pi [Esc] to insert pi.
Added support for deleting content by [Delete] key.
Added save of text log and save to LaTeX format.
Added non-recursive sum and product. Bug-fixes.

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